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At Tomorrow's Utilities, we provide more than just a rate offering on electric and/or gas. Our goal is to develop a relationship which provides you competitive quotes to help you manage the overhead cost associated with your energy usage. By leveraging the relationships that we have with our suppliers, we can find savings and secure those savings for you at no additional cost.

With all the confusion in the market, customers come to Tomorrow's Utilities to manage their buying process. As we build a relationship with a prospective client, we help them develop a strategy on how to maximize their saving on energy purchases. We evolve how we do business with what works best with each client and adapt accordingly.

Some clients want or need a sample of quotes and then pick the supplier. Other clients are relying strictly on our expertise in selecting a supplier that matches their load profile. When we do solicit quotes from multiple suppliers, we manage the process since the market changes daily. We ensure all the suppliers are on the same playing field in regards to price and our clients are seeing a true apples to apples comparison.


Tomorrow's Utilities will analyze your current gas purchasing strategy to target areas for potential savings and coordinate gas purchases with qualified energy marketers that best fit your specific purchasing strategy and savings goals. We have clients who prefer a lock in price for 1 or multiple years to clients who rather a variable rate, but a trigger set to lock in when the market presents itself. Natural gas has been deregulated for a number of years in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Although a more mature market, the supply of natural gas has been abundant, but at the same time, the demand due to changes in the industry has been increasing. Tomorrow's Utilities can be your trusted partner in securing your natural gas supply.


We will assist with transitioning electric customers to the deregulated electric markets by identifying qualified suppliers and obtaining the best price and supply agreement to meet your needs. We have multiple electric suppliers and Tomorrow's Utilities can be your strategic partner on helping you secure your electricity in this new world of electric deregulation.


An energy strategy focused on conversation and efficiency plays a key role in managing a company’s energy costs and consumption. There are numerous programs that offer companies the ability to upgrade their facility, lower energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint all while increasing their ROI. The issue for many companies is finding the financing to make these projects a reality.

Tomorrow’s Utilities partners with multiple third party suppliers whose energy efficiency programs provide unique solutions with NO up-front capital needed.

Program Benefits - more than savings:

  • NO up-front capital needed
  • Included in your electricity price
  • Cost savings – now and in the future
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Meet environmental goals
  • Lower maintenance cost by replacing aging equipment
  • Warranty coverage on entire installation

Improvements Could Include:

  • LED Lighting upgrade
  • Replacing HVAC units
  • Upgrading boilers to high efficiency units
  • Wireless automated HVAC controls
  • High efficiency motors and pumps


The Oil market has been a roller coaster in recent years with world events greatly impacting the supply. Tomorrow's Utilities has relationships with multiple suppliers that can provide you with competitive pricing for your fuel oil needs. Let us know what your annual need is for Fuel Oil and we can develop a strategy to reduce your overall spend.


Tomorrow's Utilities has over 30 years experience in the service mechanical industry. We have partnerships with multiple companies that can assist you in all your service and installation needs. We can evaluate your existing equipment and put you on a service plan that will help reduce your current spend on your HVAC service calls.

Energy Markets Served:

  • Natural Gas
  • Electricity
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Fuel Oil
  • Service Mechanical

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