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Customized Energy Advisory Services
to Maximize Your Savings

We’re your expert resource for energy cost reduction.
Our service and consultation go above and beyond what traditional brokers offer.


The energy market can be confusing. Business owners simply don’t have time to navigate it while securing the best rate and programs for their needs.

Tomorrow’s Utilities serves as your trusted advisor. Our holistic view of energy consumption allows us to provide more than a rate on electric and gas. We strive to get competitive quotes that will help you understand and manage the overhead cost of your energy usage. We also make sure suppliers are on the same playing field when it comes to price so you can truly compare your options. 
Some clients want a sample of quotes and then pick the supplier. Others rely strictly on our expertise in selecting a supplier that matches their load profile. 
We let you drive the supplier selection process.
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Learn more about the energy markets we serve below:

  • Natural Gas Procurement

  • Electricity Procurement

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Fuel Oil

  • Service Mechanical

Natural Gas Procurement 

Looking at purchasing options for your natural gas usage, energy market expertise and a customized plan is key for decision makers. 

Tomorrow’s Utilities will simplify the process and provide options based on your budget, risk tolerance and needs of our business not just today but in the future.

Electricity Procurement 

Decision makers can be inundated with information about electricity procurement and find it frustrating to understand the offerings by suppliers.  In addition to helping our customers find the top suppliers for their business needs, Tomorrow’s Utilities will assist in determining the best purchasing strategy as well.  Purchasing strategies can range from fixed pricing, index pricing, renewable energy, Solar, demand response model, peak load management and others.  Similar to gas procurement, we will simplify this process and provide the best option for today and the future.

Energy Efficiency 

An energy strategy focused on conversation and efficiency plays a key role in managing a company’s energy costs and consumption. Numerous programs give companies the ability to upgrade their facilities, lower energy consumption, and reduce their carbon footprint while increasing ROI. While many companies struggle with finding the financing to make these projects a reality, Tomorrow’s Utilities partner with multiple third-party suppliers whose energy efficiency programs provide unique solutions with no upfront capital investment.
Program Benefits 
  • No up-front capital needed 
  • On-bill funding via supply invoicing
  • Energy spend savings
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Meet environmental goals 
  • Lower maintenance cost by replacing aging equipment 
  • Warranty coverage on entire installation 
Potential Improvements
  • LED lighting upgrade 
  • Replacing HVAC units 
  • Upgrading boilers to high-efficiency units 
  • Wireless automated HVAC controls 
  • High-efficiency motors and pumpsOn-bill 

Fuel Oil 

As world events have greatly impacted the supply of oil in recent years, the market has been a rollercoaster. 
Tomorrow’s Utilities has relationships with multiple suppliers that can provide competitive pricing for your fuel oil needs. Just tell us your annual need for fuel oil, and we can develop a strategy to reduce your overall spend.

Service Mechanical 

We have more than 40 years of experience in the service mechanical industry. We also have partnerships with companies that can assist you with your service and installation needs. Tomorrow’s Utilities can evaluate your existing equipment and put you on a service plan to help reduce your current spend on HVAC service calls.

Request a quote to find out how we can save your business money on energy costs.